Hi, I’m Nick.

I’m a passionate learner and devoted student of mastery. Through my book, and this website, I write about learning science, peak performance, creativity, and mastering skills. If there’s a skill you want to master, I can help you do it.

Why I write about learning and mastery.

Learning has been my lifelong passion. There are too many fascinating subjects; everything has its own magic. So, I’ve always gone into different fields to study them. Some only on the surface, others more in-depth. I’ve been into arts (music, writing, photography, magic), sports (Muay Thai, jiu-Jitsu, swimming, bodybuilding), languages (Spanish, English, French, Japanese), business (entrepreneurship, options trading, real estate investing) and many other skills and interests (riding motorcycles, memorizing playing cards, beer brewing). Learning gives purpose to my life and shines light through the darkness that insists on looming over me.

There are a lot of amazing things to learn that can become our life companions, our shelters, and even part of our identity. I can’t think of anything more gratifying than adding new knowledge and skills to our lives, progressively improving at them, and wearing ourselves out developing our potential.

Learning proceeds until death and only then does it stop… Its purpose cannot be given up for even a moment. To pursue it is to be human, to give it up to be a beast.

—Xun Kuang

Topics I like to cover.

Learning Science / Peak Performance / Mastery / Sports Psychology / Creativity / Habits / Human Excellence.

What got me started.

I’ve always wanted to learn too much, but learning anything takes time. It looked like my choices were to cut down on the things I wanted to learn or to become a better learner. I chose the latter. I began studying learning science, cognitive psychology, and skill acquisition in search for ways to optimize the process. My book and articles are the result of that passion and all these years of research.

Where to begin.


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Here’s one of my favorite videos

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