Develop The Power
to Learn and Master
Any Skill

Do you dream of excelling at a sport, music, art, cooking, writing, public speaking, or anything else? Through a combination of learning science and strategies used by world-class performers, Learn, Improve, Master will help you make that dream a reality.

Features examples and words of wisdom from Leonardo da Vinci, Usain Bolt, Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jordan, Garry Kasparov, Simone Biles, Stephen King, Michael Phelps, Martha Graham, Tiger Woods, Jiro Ono, Serena Williams, and many more.

About the Author.

NICK VELASQUEZ is a passionate learner and devoted student of mastery. He’s the founder of the popular blog, where he writes about learning science, peak performance, creativity, and mastering skills.

His writing has been featured in outlets such as TIME, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global. Nick speaks multiple languages and spends his time between Tokyo and Montréal.

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“Nick Velasquez’s new book is a valuable investment for anyone looking to continually grow and evolve over time.”

—Entrepreneur Magazine

Learn. Improve. Master.

We usually see the polished performance or refined work from the people we admire—a virtuoso cellist giving a concert, a great quarterback playing in a championship game, or an inspiring speaker commanding the stage.

What we don’t see is how they developed their skill—the process behind their greatness—and so we believe that what they do is beyond our capabilities.

But we can achieve greatness too, regardless of talent or innate traits, if we follow the right process. This book is about that process: How to Learn, Improve, and Master any skill.

You’ll Learn How To:


Use your memory like top memory champions and remember anything you want.


Optimize practice like elite musicians, chess players, and athletes so you get the most out of your time and effort.


Develop the practice habit and implement strategies to stick to it.


Overcome the eventual obstacles, setbacks, and plateaus that come with learning and pursuing mastery.


Choose mentors and coaches that will help you develop your potential.


Accelerate your learning and become a master of your craft.

With each chapter, you’ll discover hacks that help your brain absorb more information with less effort. Velasquez backs his compelling argument for a revolutionary learning approach with real-world examples from athletes, chess players, and all-around geniuses.”


Develop Any Skill and
Excel at It.

Whether you’re an artist, athlete, or CEO of a fortune 500 company, knowing how to learn and master new skills is an essential component of success.

Learn, Improve, Master will teach you the principles, strategies, and tactics used by the best.